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Can digital marketing be automated?

Can digital marketing be automated-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

Automation was not that popular a decade ago but mostly because it was not as developed as it is now nor was it introduced to the society overall. However, what about today? Is it relevant and part of our lives? The only answer to this is “yes”. Technology has hit hard the society and people’s life in a positive way, but it also brought several adjustments and elements that are not a huge benefit but rather the opposite: they are disadvantages.

That being said, let’s focus on the marketing world and how it has been influenced so far. Traditional marketing has always been handled for people and if we have to think about it carefully, it will never be close to being automated. But what about digital marketing? Since it has everything to do with digital technologies and online methods, people would think easily that it can reach this point.

But so far, employees and professionals in the area are the ones that have been handling most of the aspects and elements of it. To not say all of them. If you want to understand better the possibility of digital marketing be automated in the future, you must keep in mind one of the main benefits of it: saving money and resources invested compared to traditional marketing.

The reason why we mentioned this is because there is something that acts as the counterpart of this aspect: it requires a lot of time. Since digital marketing is the best method to aim for your target audience, businesses do not even doubt about implementing and using it. However, what does it take to make this happen? Overall, is it a lot of work to obtain the desired results with it?

It is due to all the responsibilities and aspects you have to deal with in order to develop and start the best digital marketing strategy for the business or company. And since this will not be done alone, businesses require a lot of people among their personnel to handle the campaigns and make it work.

How is automation involved in digital marketing?

In order to reply to this question and understand completely the aspect of automating digital marketing, you needed to have the previous information. Now, imagine if you—as a business owner or company—could have something that will reduce the number of people you need to develop tactics for your marketing. This would save you a lot of money and even time, right?

Well, even when it is bad for people overall since this will increase the unemployed rates, let’s focus on the automation part. So, the answer would be positive: you would spend fewer resources on personnel and this will give you cost-effective results for your digital marketing campaigns. This is possible due to the direct relation of digital marketing with technology and how it provides statistics and how new tools are developed each day.

Right now, several automated digital marketing services have been developed and provided for companies so they could save time and resources in marketers. If we are completely honest here, digital marketers are not “cheap” if we want to give it an adjective. The services and all the work they handle is a lot and it is worth all the payment they receive and sometimes, ask for. But businesses always think about saving as much as possible.

Keeping this in mind and going back to the automation itself, it is true Artificial Intelligence can handle many tasks that marketers are still taking care of nowadays. This is because most of the analysis and data, even many of the tasks to develop a digital marketing campaign are handled entirely online and with technology. Creating a bot or system that can control it by just entering some relevant information and parameters is not impossible. However, digital marketers are still crucial and irreplaceable for businesses—if you are one, do not worry, you still have a lot of future in this field.

What is better? Digital marketers or artificial intelligence?

To begin with, AI is not completely developed or programmed to handle nor understand all the tasks and responsibilities involved in the job of a digital marketer. Therefore, it is impossible to automate every single part of the process right now. But since we reached this point, let’s take the time to answer the main question directly: in the future, digital marketing can be automated. Although we are sure this will still take a lot of time.

Digital marketers play important roles that are not only involved with understanding the audience the company is targeting and coming up with new ideas. They also give the human touch everyone needs and wants when it comes to advertisements and promoting services and products. It sounds a bit cheesy, but humans are still necessary for everything we do nowadays. And even when it is true AI and all the automation system can help businesses to improve productivity and even get to the point to get more effective marketing, there is no automated system unless a person is handling it as well.

It is a bit complicated to get deeper into this aspect itself, but we are certain you have got it so far. With all this in mind, you still need to look forward to the future of digital marketing being automated but more than that, to the new integrations and changes related to technology and less to people themselves. Right now, you can add many options that will improve the digital marketing of your business and they certainly provide better results than having human resources handling them. Such as chatbots, which are growing in popularity and have proven to be the best option for customer service.

If you need assistance or more information to integrate AI or automated options to your marketing, just let us know. We at NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services are familiar with the automated options that can boost any business and company. But we will never miss the basics nor forget about the need of digital marketers and people overall in the entire field, which is why you can expect the best support with us in this matter as well.

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