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Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training

Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training

With Lean Six Sigma, your company or business will be in a position to improve its quality and services. Besides, you will be able to achieve this is a quicker and more efficient manner than the traditional Six Sigma. Businesses that have lean Six Sigma certification are trained on how to focus on waste elimination and speeding business processes without any negative impacts on the other parts of the business. You can get a comprehensive training on Lean Six from NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services. The key objectives of our training are to improve quality, reduce time, and maximize profits. In addition to training, we also offer Lean Six Sigma consulting and certification for any firm in the United States. Therefore, you stand to benefit a lot and take your brand to the next level when you make good use of our services.

Lean certification implies that you can introduce the type of change in your business that could previously only be attained via a full scale Six Sigma project. Both small and large business owners are interested in certified brands. However, more small enterprise owners prefer to hire individuals who have lean training than even the big companies. Most small companies don’t have sufficient funds to hire a full Six Sigma project team to undertake a full overhaul of their business processes. When you hire people, who have Six Sigma certification, you will be able to save money as a small business owner on a smaller workforce and get the desired results.

Lean Six Sigma certification is a significant investment in the outlook of your future work. It is a great investment for both medium and small sized businesses. Individuals who are certified on lean Six Sigma wont face in work shortage in the near future. Businesses, both small scale and large scale, always look for the best ways to streamline their business processes. If you run a personal business, it is advisable to consult with a person who is certified in lean Six Sigma. If you are not sure, feel free to come to us for any advice. You can improve your company in great ways when you consult with a person who is certified in Sigma.

Like any other person, we are uncertain about how bad the economy may get in the next few months. It is evident that most companies are taking necessary steps to prepare for any possible recession and conserve funds. There are so many companies in the United States that are slashing their training and travel budgets while others are implementing across the board budgetary cuts. These are traditional methods that businesses are using to cut on the costs at they prepare for the tough times. Some companies also review the major projects that they had included their calendar for the year. Like people in other disciplines, those people who proactive Lean Six Sigma should also consider how bad things can get. These professionals should also look for the best ways to help companies to survive the problems that may come their way when things get tough.

There is am argument that holds that Lean Six Sigma prospers in both the good and bad times. During the good times, it is the goal of the company to expand. The companies will expand by acquiring other businesses and entering into new lines of business. In the bad seasons, the companies will reexamine their business processes and models to look for the best ways to save money. In both cases, you will need a Lean Sigma practitioner to help you change your processes. It explains why we specialize in equipping these professionals for the market. If you want to train in the discipline, feel free to come to us. Besides, we will help your business with Lean Six Sigma consulting and certification. It is comforting, and in most cases, it is a fact.

Think about the economic meltdown that took place some time back. Several financial institutions merged either willingly or otherwise. Others changed their status to shift from investment banks to traditional banks to get more protection from the government. Besides, governments all over the world focused more on introducing new regulations to block practices that are thought to be the course or the current problems.

Mergers bring together two processes and merge them into one process. Changes in status call for the new business rules and new processes to be implemented throughout the organization. New regulations, of course, call for new business rules and new practices. All these processes require redesign and process analysis. You can trust our consultants to do this on your behalf. The other people who practice in the process are line managers or process practitioners as long as they are process professionals. Companies, apart from the ones that are in the financial sector will not face the major changes that may take place in the sector. However, they will surely face the demands for the const containment and in case recession continues to deepen, there will be significant cost reductions. Our Lean Six Sigma consultants are better placed to help you handle all these situations.

You could be wondering what is the best way to sell Lean Six Sigma to the management. Most consultants will tell you that you shouldn’t try to sell Lean Six as such. Most senior executives take Lean Six Sigma to be another new methodology or technology that is of no or little interest. It is better for process professionals to sell support and productivity to the changes that the organization requires. In the upcoming months, such needs will become cost containment and there after cost reduction. Therefore, time is ripe for the Lean Six Sigma professionals to give the management plans and strategies for reducing and containing costs.

As Smart Lean Six Sigma planners, NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services we are going to present several options your way. It all depends with the current status of your business. In case of an immediate crisis, you need to undertake quick actions that will bring forth immediate results. If the crisis escalates into a long recession, you will need changes that need more time to be implemented for them to yield more significant savings. As a team, we normally consider these two-time frames independently. The primary goal is to look for practical solutions to minimize costs and maximize the productivity of your organization. Our Lean Six Sigma consultants will look for both short term and long-term solutions to your business problems.

Some changes that businesses make routinely do so without so much thought like cutting training and travel costs across the board. Companies that are smart have a better idea of the processes that yield the highest profits or have higher chances of performing will in the emerging economy. Therefore, you need to cut on the ones that will be less profitable as you offer maximum support to the business lines or processes that tend to yield the best results. If you have a business process architecture on your organization, a great process management system, it can help you in prioritizing intelligent cuts.

If not, there is no need to worry because our Lean Six Sigma consultants will analyze your organization and help you out. Don’t try to develop one when the crisis is already in because it will be too late. You can come to us for immediate intervention as you look for a long-term solution. As we address the issues, we can recommend that you propose some of your staff to us so that we take them through the Lean Six Sigma training. With this in mind, you team will be prepared to handle any upcoming situations in the future.

Many companies consider Lean Six Sigma programs to help in making quick cuts. Lean consultants and vendors tend to differ on which is the most effective approach. Some of them take a broader perspective that captures more of the philosophy that is contains in the production system of Toyota. Like the other Lean Six Sigma practitioners, they recommend cultural change and enterprise redesign and analysis. The experts also urge business owners to eliminate waste is specific processes. However, we have others who focus on eliminating waste.

The challenge with the latter approach is that it sub-optimizes the overall performance. Therefore, you can record immediate savings in certain areas and consequently discover that other areas are costing you more. Each firm will have to determine on the urgency for delivering specific immediate changes vs. pursuing a course that will yield more sustainable and broader savings.

When you create a Lean Six Sigma team, you will quickly move to examine mid-sized processes and then suggest the quick changes of eliminating wastes. You need to put this item at the top of your menu offerings. Some firms find themselves engaging in outsourcing or rapid mergers. The initial three months may be a good time for showing that the Lean team will get quick results within a minimum analysis. This is not the right time for detailed modeling. It is the time to quickly identify the minimum information that you require to make smart decisions.

It is also the best moment to think of hiring our consultants. One of the greatest challenges that face new Lean Six Sigma teams is determining the process problems that will yield the highest ROI. Such a determination calls for considerable experience and you may not have so much time for job training and experimentation. Remember we are not talking about long term consulting. It is all about using consultant in reviewing proposals and providing direction and advice on the best ways of prioritizing activities for implementing short term gains.

Lean Six Sigma, broadly speaking, puts more emphasis on broader concerns. It pays attention to the understanding of processes throughout the organization and coordinating and prioritizing intervention efforts. The most powerful Lean efforts need trained process managers and monthly process performance measures. In successful cases, Lean Six Sigma results into more sustainable improvements. However, it requires more time and training to implement.

Like most automation efforts, Lean Six Sigma products require a larger initial investment and more time to attain a substantive ROI. Lean Sigma Six is a powerful way to build agility and the capacity for rapid change processes. However, the commitment to Lean Six Sigma need experimentation and time to determine the best way of using it.

Most organizations, in the first few months, focus on the short-term changes to get immediate savings. Most of the businesses have been operating in the expansive mode for the last few years. An excellent Lean team will identify quick changes to help you save 10 to 30% of the costs that are involved in the mid-size processes. You may not be able to sustain all these savings for over 6 to 12 months. However, for most people, it will be the most appropriate response for calling for immediate action.

However, some companies may not experience the need for simply focusing on the short-term savings. Those that do may not probably exclusively focus on savings for too long. The Smart Lean Six Sigma may want to give the executive an immediate response to their call for savings. Besides, they will want to lay the foundation for more sustainable efforts. Thus, even as you make more specific changes, the Lean Six Sigma experts need to point out to executives that continuing changes and side effects will undermine the savings in a period that is relatively short. Thus, as the economy improves, or when the organization is willing to launch projects that to more future gains and not immediate savings, the Lean Sigma experts have to refocus on the establishment of a business process architecture and installing the Lean Six Sigma platform that lay the foundation for more systematic processes and long term response capability that are more reliable.

Process professionals are in essence support people and hence must support the immediate concerns of the business executives. If what the corporate executives want is immediate savings, the Lean Six Sigma should be able to deliver. If you focus on a bloated process that was developed with minimal thought or/and need lots of overhead, it should be easy to provide and immediate significant savings. However, at the same time, Lean Six Sigma tams should take advantage of all the credibility it develops to push for a more comprehensive and sustainable effort as the economy continues to improve and funds start to flow more freely once more. You cannot grow your organization to higher heights by focusing on one-off savings. To get there, you have to create a culture that focuses on the improvement of processes from one month to the other. The prevailing crisis may help the Lean Six Sigma organizations to come out stronger than ever before. They will become more successful in the installation of organization-wide systems for the management of continuous improvement.

One of our strengths as a consultancy company is Lean Six Sigma. There is a risk of Lean Six Sigma training after the demise of TQM. It should focus on competency development to avoid a similar fate. We can spend two weeks with you and teach you how to utilize the complete range of tools in monitoring the tool kit of a mechanic. As a tradesman, I am positive I can show you how the torque wrench works to help you tension nuts and bolts correctly. You will also learn how to use ring spanners so that you do not skin your knuckles or even round of the heads of the various bolts you may have to undo or tighten. The other thing you will learn within this period is the proper use of the roaming tool to effectively and safely polish the brake cylinder. Do you think you will become a motor mechanic after such an experience? Of course, no! you should be knowing that it is absurd to make such claims.

It takes a lot of effort before you can be considered to be competent enough and qualified. When learning motor mechanics, you will only get the qualification after you learn how to use all the tools and also demonstrate that ability. You should be able to determine the right tools to use on each motor repair situations and on a broad range of motor vehicles.  You should be able to apply the processes and tools in the actual work environment dynamics. Lastly, you need to achieve and maintain new performance levels as a result of your work. The same case also applies when it comes to Lean Six Sigma training.

You cannot call yourself a doctor just because you have learned to use the various surgical tools. Likewise, you will not call someone a competent dentist if all he has learnt is how to operate the dentistry tools. You cannot do so for all the obvious reasons.

The current business environment has been improving over time especially when it comes to lean Six Sigma Training. There have been shifts in several quarters more so from the competency-based thinking.  Nowadays, the United States has several providers for the Lean Sigma Trainings and these offerings can be quite overwhelming. However, NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services remains to be top on the market. Nearly all the consulting companies in the region have umped to this band wagon. The duration that different companies offer for this training also varies greatly. The duration can vary from as little as five days to as much as six weeks for the face to face training. It can be hard to conceptualize all the materials within a time period that is extremely short. We offer time that is sufficient enough to cover the training period.

Learning to be a competent Green belt or Black Belt is similar to learning a trade. All our Lean Six Sigma Trainings are accredited by the national training body in the United States. Therefore, all our formal tertiary qualifications are certified. You can use our services confidently because we meet all the set requirements.

It is important to understand that being competent with the tools isn’t the primary intention for us to issue these qualifications. Some one can end up understanding Lean Six Sigma and all its tools through a small online training of the key concepts and some few days of fact to face training on the use of these tools. This will not set you apart as a qualified professional. learning the tools is not what will make a Green Belt or Black Belt.

Competent Green or Black Belts are individuals with the capacity to describe and use all the relevant tools as per their level of qualification and the context of the process that is core to the business. Also, the professionals can effectively facilitate improvement projects within the challenges that come with working with a project team. They can use appropriate advanced statistical methods to generate and analyze date. The team will facilitate the generation of creative solutions from the ones who work on the processes. These experts also manage the challenges of building of sustainable commitments to change in dynamic environments.

To demonstrate such a level of competent, you need hands on training in business environments where people work with others. It calls for an excellent deal of mentoring, coaching, and applying of concepts and tools under the limitation and constraints of the day to day business. It is this type of exposure that you will get from NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services during Lean Six Sigma Training.

Our goal as trainers and consultants in Lean Six Sigma is to help you achieve results and genuine competency. No other brand in the United States will beat us when it comes to this field. As the best Lean Six Sigma trainers in the United States, we clearly demonstrate competency before issuing qualifications and certificates. Don’t run to those people who promise to give you Lean Six sigma qualification within a short period. Some trainings on the face of the other don’t need shortcuts and Lean Six Sigma is one of them. These trainers may teach you some tools but you should concentrate on becoming a competent practitioner. To get the best in terms of competency, don’t search further than NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services.

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