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Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

Many businesses are starting to think that traditional marketing is not a good investment when they compare the results they get from it. Most of the time, they have to invest a lot of time and resources in planning the strategies and methods to reach their audience and it only provides local and limited reach. But when you think about digital marketing, what is the main thing you get from it? An international or even global reach. This result and benefit alone can surpass the traditional option for any business and industry.

However, if it can do this, why are people still using the traditional one? Well, as a company ourselves, we know the basics and settlements of things are important, even as much as their evolution and development over the years. So, to make it simple, traditional marketing still works and it is necessary to understand the digital one as well. The problem with the first one is that people are changing their methods to communicate or even be exposed to the advertisement and publicity in general.

Therefore, the need of adjusting to them is always there, and we can tell you that traditional marketing is not the best fit for this century. After all, people spend more time on their phones, computers, and everything related to new technology more than TVs or even outdoors. Of course, we all have contact with the last ones but, is it more compared to smartphones and the Internet in general? Not at all. That being said, this gives you a good idea and concept of why digital marketing is the correct method to promote your services, products, and connect with your audience. But going to the extent of having replaced traditional marketing in the actuality… we are not so sure about it.

How crucial is traditional marketing today?

We will give you a short answer to the main question right now and say that: yes, digital marketing can replace the traditional ones, but not yet. As we mentioned before, marketing is still crucial in every single aspect, including the old-fashioned methods, and not only because that is how everything started. There are still positive results for companies and businesses when they implement the correct marketing strategy to promote themselves. Therefore, saying that traditional marketing is useless is not right at all but rather far from reality.

The fact that it does not provide the same results does not mean you will not need it or that it is not worth to invest in it. To understand it better, we want to tell you and put the examples in all cases: small, medium, and large businesses.

For small ones, digital marketing tends to be the best option due to the resources they can save. But eventually or right at the beginning, they still need to implement a good traditional strategy that can bring locals and more people around the business to be not only an interested audience but customers in the future as well. Besides, even when this marketing can be exhausting for people due to all the advertisements you see on the streets, they still pay attention to it.

Personally, I am still attracted to some pictures or promotions that are not on the Internet or any other online media. And it is just amazing. This applies to any business regardless of its size and time operating. Now, if we have to be more specific about why it has relevance, later on, it is resumed in needing to have a presence.

In the end, people’s life involves social media, the Internet, and all new technology, but also outdoor places, their routines, and everything around them. Indeed, traditional marketing does not have a targeted audience and this is why many people doubt its importance and relevance. But in the end, everyone comes across them on a daily basis.

Does traditional marketing have a future compared to the digital?

It does, but we cannot determine how long it will be. We said before that digital marketing can replace it but since it is still important and crucial, that means it has a future after all. If you are wondering this because you want to know if the right move is to include it in your strategies and methods, we can tell you without a doubt that it is. There is no need to worry about traditional marketing and its disappearance right now since it will not happen that soon.

However, we understand your worries. With the actual pandemic, people are not that exposed to banners and advertisements and therefore, there is no good use for them at the moment. But have you thought about the future realistically speaking? People will eventually go back to normal and spend more time outdoors again and when this happens, traditional marketing will be more effective than even before the quarantine.

After all, everyone wants to be on track again and will enjoy the conventional and usual things more than before. At least, for several months or even years. So, to make the answer short: it does have a future. But if we compare it to digital marketing, this one is indeed more prone to remain and grow over the years.

People are exposed to it more than ever, and we have to admit that online businesses and the methods that were already being used among others, grew in popularity exponentially. And this will stay like that and even get worse or better depending on how you see it. More than looking or comparing them in the future, it is about understanding their relevance. Yes, digital marketing can replace the traditional option at some point but it will not happen anytime soon.

This is why you must invest time and resources in both options. But if what you are trying to find is an answer to the question you have not asked us: which one is the best for your business? We definitely have to say digital marketing has a huge lead on it.

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