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Can You Do Lead Generation Without a Website?

Can You Do Lead Generation Without a Website

If you look at the sales funnel, lead generation would actually be at the entry of the funnel. It’s where a business would try and capture interested people with the business regardless of whether or not they’ll be closing a sale. Traditional lead generation is hard and difficult, especially if you know how it’s done. To give you a few examples, the most common ways of generating leads would be cold calling, door-to-door, TV and radio ads, and the like.

These are the most common ways and actually; they are deemed as the most effective back then when businesses relied on physical marketing and advertising campaigns. The problem with it is the fact that they’re not targeted; you could be spraying the ad to people that are against your business services or products, and that’s just a waste of money. Lead generation with digital or internet marketing, though, is a different story.

Understanding How Online or Digital Lead Generation Works

Before you go and tackle the never-ending sales funnel, you have to understand that it’s not something that’s just done like how traditional marketing is made. Online or digital lead generation involves a lot more skill and results because it will target people that would be pertaining to your business accurately; people who are interested to know about your business; people who are really looking for the kind of business you do, and so on.

 That being said, it’s obvious that a business must have a platform in order to make their presence known in the “online” or the “digital” world. And how can companies and businesses do that? – By having a website.

Can Lead Generation be Done Without a Website?

There are a lot of issues and claims that you can actually do and perform lead generation without a website – but is that, in any way, true?

To answer the question, yes, you can actually do lead generation even if your business does not have a website. The only problem you might stumble upon is that it’ll be extremely difficult to positively lure people in if they don’t see what you’re offering.

Think about it, how would you be able to entice customers or clients if you don’t have any visuals? It’s possible if you’re one of the top salesmen in the industry, but it’s still going to be difficult. What else would the reason be why digital marketing easily beat telemarketing?

Examples of Lead Generation Without a Website

There actually are a handful of ways on how you can generate leads even if you don’t have a website. The most common ones are:

  • Social media marketing
  • Referral campaigns
  • Business events, seminars, and webinars

You can also choose to use other resources and methods such as flyers, sending cold emails, and even having them fill out and populate digital forms for you to get the first step of the process done.

For businesses that don’t have a website, the most common way on how they can generate leads is through social media. They can use the wide scale of social media platforms, which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What they do is they create a page or a profile for their business, and use that to reach customers and clients that are well within their demographic. This is effective because, in the past years, social media usage has seen a steady increase in users; we are, in fact, at 3.81 billion people now.

Doing good for a customer or a client can actually have a positive effect on you; how? – Because they can refer you to other clients that might need your expertise or your assistance.

Referrals work hand-in-hand like how word-of-mouth does, only online. It’s when a person or a business that experienced your service or bought your products would tell other people how satisfied they were. Even if you don’t have a website, referrals would contact you directly – getting yourself a lead.

This falls on the more traditional scale of generating leads. You go and talk in front of hundreds, even thousands of people about your business. If they like it, they give you their contact information and you send them everything they need to avail of your services. Doing seminars and attending business events and conferences can get you the exposure you need for people to find out about your business.

Maximize Lead Generation With NXTLVLROI

NXTLVLROI can actually be the solution you need for your aspirations of generating fruitful and effective leads. They’re a business management consultant and a digital marketing company that employs experts and digital marketers with years of experience in lead generation.

Working with them can actually get you the results you’re looking for, at a cost you never expected to be affordable!

The Best Lead Generation Consultant in the Market

In the case and the category of lead generation, NXTLVLROI takes the top spot because of the experience and the expertise they have in the market. They can help you create a website and generate high quality and prospecting leads that could be the demographic you failed to reach through other means of lead generation.

For years, many of their clients have reported that they were able to generate leads that were over the roof! They utilize high-tech and quality resources and tools that complement their need of getting prospective clients. If your business doesn’t have a website and you’re looking to create and to make one but you have the slightest of ideas to do so, NXTLVLROI would be the only business or solution you need to get it.

Their way of sourcing and targeting is through SEO, and by far, it’s known as the most effective and the best way of generating leads. You can never go wrong in choosing NXTLVLROI if you have been striving to generate leads for your business or your company! There’ll never be a shortage of the skillset and the adeptness you need if you choose to work with them!

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