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How Automation Affects Digital Marketing?

How Automation Affects Digital Marketing

There is already a rapid development of AI-powered and robot technology around the world. In fact, some robots can now perform with almost no human intervention. In different fields and industries, the influence of AI and robots is already gaining track. Automated technology is already taking over the community of digital marketing such as AI-powered data set analysis and chatbots.

With the continuous rising of self-serve kiosks and chatbots which are spreading out all over the world, there is a huge part of people from certain sectors who are wondering whether their job would be obsolete in a few more years. Therefore, different questions are arising from these occurrences and situations. One of the most common is how it can affect the future of digital marketing.

If someone is in the industry of digital marketing, one may ask the effect of automation on one’s practice of the profession as well as the tools that it would provide to the marketing industry. However, for the marketing industry, automation may not necessarily mean that they will lose their jobs or make it obsolete, but rather may be a more beneficial tool to implement effective marketing strategies.

If you want to know more about how automation will affect the digital marketing industry, then please proceed with reading the paragraphs below!

Effect of Automation in the Digital Marketing Industry

In today’s marketing environment, AI-driven technologies can bring about a lot of benefits that marketing departments and experts may leverage from. We have listed a few examples where automation may improve the digital marketing scene:

  • More in-depth research
  • Personalized and tailored marketing strategies to attract the attention of target audiences
  • Ability to understand audience behavior and preferences
  • Faster analysis of large data sets
  • Improved decision-making process through the incorporation of better data analytics
  • Improve content production

As can be seen, the future of automation may not be that intimidating as some people may predict. In fact, it may just be more promising. Why? Just like today, technology doesn’t actually destroy jobs but rather it provides more opportunity that demands new skills. Automations provided by AI, robotics and other technology advanced developments are trying to improve systems and processes which before its implementation are, in fact, sub-optimal processes.

Therefore, what the digital marketing industry needs to do is to leverage of marketing machine which allows them more time to focus on those processes that continue to require the use of human intellect. It is also quite obvious that behind those machines are actually a team of people such as IT, Marketing Experts, and people coming from different fields to make an automated technology operate.

For example, IT would focus on the development of a better programming code for chatbots while marketing experts would focus on how to improve or input marketing tactics on such chatbots that would prove to be beneficial both for the company and for customers.

Instead of focusing on the negative impact that automation may bring about, the digital marketing industry should give more priority to how marketing experts can understand, analyze, decide, and communicate the chunks of data that AI-powered technology would produce. An example would be the use of predictive and trend analysis that an automated marketing machine may employ to immediately produce exceptional output which may be used by marketing teams to effect better marketing techniques and strategies.

This prevents marketing teams from incurring a large amount of time that the AI-powered tool had already achieved. Thus, this will allow them to prioritize their efforts on things such as measuring and assessing the implementation of their marketing plans.

Due to human limitations, a lot of data that may prove to be useful are actually being left behind. This is because to focus on an abundance of data proves to be costly in terms of money and time. Thus, what some marketing experts do is to just get a sample from the complete set of data to extract information that may be useful to them.

However, the problem with this is that the sampled population may not be representative of the whole population which could have provided a better and richer insight into tapping markets. This level of complex computation and advanced data extraction may only be solved through the use of AI-powered marketing tools. There are many strings of data that a marketing expert may take advantage of such as emails, call logs, social media interactions – to name a few. To include this in a predictive analysis would truly provide exceptional benefits and results.

This creates the possibility of having more accurate decisions and strategies that could have been employed to different customer segments and other targeted markets. It has been said that the future of digital marketing is by being able to make accurate predictions of consumer behavior.

Based on our discussion in this article, we are basically spelling out that the most important and innovative feature that automation would bring about to the digital marketing community is in its ability to gather, process, collect, and report large chunks of data.

The main idea of automation in digital marketing is that it would not result in layoffs, rather it gives more people allowance on improving those areas that need the decision-making skills of individuals. It provides more concentration on strategic techniques and schemes that will eventually lead to more efficient and effective use of economic resources.

The use of automation can improve customer service and relations in a lot of ways. In fact, its use is already gaining global recognition. This is because it can provide services that can operate 24/7. It also answers basic questions and concerns that truly maximize customer experiences. While the use of self-service kiosks and chatbots still allows room for improvement, its benefit for companies and customers is undeniable.

There are still improvements needed in areas such as being able to answer more complicated questions and concerns as well as offering highly detailed answers that can handle and provide a clear-cut solution to specific problems. We can still expect a lot more from this in the future!

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