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How Can You Use Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents?

How Can You Use Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry has experienced its own challenges of having good times and bad times; all fair and equal. Moreover, in 2006, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) membership encountered a record-high of 1,357,000 realtors. However, the numbers did not last long before drastically dropping due to the housing financial crisis.

Despite hitting an all-time low in 2012 (with only 999,000 realtors) as well, the real estate industry has been looking up the past few years. In fact, the industry has observed nearly 1,100,000 members back in 2014!

With this, the competition in the real estate industry is becoming tight. Being a real estate agent, you must have your own edge to set yourself apart from rival agents. It might be scary to try different ways of marketing. However, with the booming of the internet, it is only sensible to try real estate digital marketing. Especially now that one of the first go-to places for clients is the internet.

As a real estate professional, you already have a feel for who your local competition is. Moreover, there is specific demography of people you are offering your services to, and that your business relies upon your knowledge about your expertise and area. However, most people nowadays look for future homes on the internet. As figures say 94 percent of millennials and 84 percent of baby boomers found their homes through the internet according to NAR.

But as more people conduct searches on the internet, the real estate industry must evolve and adapt to trends as well. Due to this, the competition is heating up more than ever. So what will make you unique in the digital world?

First and foremost, people must be aware of their presence on the internet. Interact with potential buyers and develop a good reputation and credibility so that people will gain the confidence to trust you.

A good internet presence will generate traffic and leads to your business as well as engaging with potential clients. These leads, however, must be nurtured as there can be cases of having led to your business but no sales. This is what you will want to prevent from happening.

To establish yourself online, you must consider your social media presence as well. This is the best way to gain popularity and expose your company to the public. With millions of social media users, most of your clients will turn to your company’s public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to gain more knowledge about your company’s performance and whatnot. Clients will be able to communicate with you personally which can validate your credibility.

Did you know that you can use Facebook Ads to promote your services or real estate agency? The social giant’s advertisement system can filter your audience through age, sex, interests, and many more. From this, the likelihood of your company reaching its desired audience quantifies significantly.

Augmented and virtual reality are both possible through online marketing as well. These are the two newest technologies that you can incorporate into your agency to boost your sales. Customers would, always, of course, want to see the properties or houses they will be buying. However, it can be difficult for buyers to decide whether they would want the house for real or not when the transaction is being made through the internet.

This is why virtual tours are almost always necessary now for real estate agencies. A virtual tour, whether by augmented or virtual reality, will get you to move ahead in the industry. Clients will be able to have a feel regarding the property they would be living in.

Before having a visual tour, you must ensure that your agency’s website is functional and not hard to navigate through. Visitors can be put off and are more likely to move on to another real estate website when your site does not load easily or has a complex interface. Especially since your website would be overloaded with all the photos and links you will be providing the client. But a dysfunctional one ultimately defeats the purpose.

With a good interface, however, clients will have the best time browsing through your site. Even better, you can provide them information regarding your real estates agency such as a list of all your latest listings, content that can guide them with their buying process, and relevant links to your services like lawyers, home inspectors, and movers. Customer service may be set up with your website as well. With this, you will be able to communicate and assist your customers, providing them only the best experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you with generating traffic and leads to your website. This is possible by making use of the keywords related to your real estate agency. With SEO, you can ensure that your website will be placed higher than other businesses on search engines like Google if done correctly. Likewise, the algorithm of search engines is in a constant state of complex change so focusing on one SEO at a time is essential to get the most results.

One of the most effective ways with digital marketing is through the promotions of influencers. It is more likely for people to trust a true person whom they follow than another generic advertisement. Moreover, these people have a reputation they must care for.

This is why more people would most likely trust the recommendations of influencers. After all, people vie for authentic reviews and representations of the services they plan to avail. Despite being costly, influencer marketing can reach out to more audiences and thereby, the right consumers. Even more, you can use unique hashtags that clients can easily remember to further assist them.

Digital marketing is an easier tactic than traditional forms of marketing. But that does not mean that online marketing is not just as effective as its older counterparts. Most times, it is considered to be even more effective with targeting and reaching your desired audience.

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