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How Does Digital Marketing Effect Consumer Behavior?

How Does Digital Marketing Effect Consumer Behavior

The internet era will continue to evolve – whether people like it or not. With the accumulative changes on the internet from past to present also comes changes with digital marketing as well as consumer behavior. The history of the internet has affected the behavior of people, so it is no surprise that the change in the way how marketing works produces a compounding effect on the behavioral pattern of consumers. It may be hard to understand and recognize, however, companies must adapt to changes in the behavior of consumers if they wish to remain afloat in the competition.

Despite, the rise and decline in the trends and the negative impact it can engender on companies, there are also new opportunities to grab hold of. But what exactly are the factors that cause these changes to take effect upon consumers’ behavioral patterns?

Customers feel more empowered because, with the internet, they can channel their concerns and issues regarding a company, product, or service. This can be done through feedback or reviews. They the power to make or break a company with this.

Moreover, customers no longer adhere to a linear pattern of buying which includes being aware of a product due to print advertisements, billboards, etc. then taking to consider visiting the seller or to contact them, their intention, and finally decision-making.

But in today’s time, their pattern no longer follows a pattern. The process of their decision-making comprises of researching information about the products or services then comparing the gathered information – this is said to be conducted by 93% of consumers – learning more about the products through watching YouTube videos, display ads, social media, and online reviews.

With the availability of information at any time they wish, consumers feel more in control of the products they want to buy. People are no longer dependent on salespeople neither are they still required when buying. The total number of new technical information doubles every two years. Moreover, 95% of all the data acquired has been generated just in the last two years according to Rick Bates, CEO of RxSense/SingleCare.

All the existing and new information is always available and at reach. With the generation of all this data, consumers feel more in power and in control to form better and more knowledgeable buying decisions. The logistics of the products we want to purchase, we can understand by ourselves. This means that the business industry has changed due to the internet because before you can even promote your products, the customer has already learned the information behind it.

89% of internet users from the United States conduct online searches before continuing with a purchase according to HubSpot. Consumers, more often than not, research for the products they plan to buy even if they do not plan to buy this through the internet. This is made possible because of the high availability of more elaborate information online. There are times when consumers know more about the products they plan to buy compared to the average salesperson because of their passion for it.

With the previous reason, the effectiveness of SEO has risen as well because users rely on their own when researching about a certain product. Businesses closely monitor the search data of customers to gauge their marketing strategies. The main objective of SEO thereof is to place high in search engine results and generate more traffic and sales.

Before the internet era, the only influencers people would see are the faces of models and celebrities alike when being advertised to. However, because of the online era, the existence of influencers has risen as well. Influencers can sway the public opinion of their followers due to the authority they have over them. They likewise exhaust all means of social platforms such as blogs, social media, online forums, and communities.

AI or Artificial Intelligence can improve the experiences of consumers as well. One example is chatbots. Chatbots for customer service is more effective because chatbots can handle several customers at once while its human counterpart cannot do the same.

AI lets consumers capture photos of a product and search it for them. The process of which would not be possible without the aid of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning is a process of AI that gives systems the capacity to learn on their own and improve from experience without complex programming. This technology likewise enhances customer relationships, their buying decision, engagement, and lead generation.

The use of virtual and augmented reality is to display their products in an immersive environment that lets consumers visualize and have a feeling towards the products. VR also seeks to gain more engagement from users. From this, you will be able to attract more sales and generate interest in buying your products.

The comparison of products does take effect with direct competitors anymore instead it affects every product and service they consume. This includes the quality and satisfactory rate of their products. With this, businesses must consider how they could improve the quality of their products instead of being better in just one area.

Users are also more aware of how businesses conduct their advertisements and marketing campaigns. Traditional forms thereof are no longer as effective as they were in the past. Companies must then adapt to this shift to the digital age to keep up with the competition in the industry.

Consumer behavior will only consistently change to adapt to the advances of the internet. They will only become smarter regarding the products they wish to consume. Due to this, businesses must learn to adapt to the ever-changing tides of product information such as to automate processes through simple but meaningful shopping experiences; apply innovations to further improve one’s company value both for the consumer and the company; as well as to upgrade the purchasing journey of a customer to effectively deliver them to the next sequence of interactions.

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