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How Does Digital Marketing Grow Your Business In 2021?

How Does Digital Marketing Grow Your Business In 2021

The thing with the internet is it always evolves such as social media platforms, trends in the community, and whatnot. Digital marketing rides the wave along with this change as well. Of course, there will be new trends and technologies in the market for advertisements and promotions. Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, and millions of people are affected.

Businesses worldwide have been halted to a standstill as well as human mobility. Moreover, the fluctuating series of lockdowns have forced people to stay inside and work from home. Companies are doing their best to cope with the new normal and strive to adapt to the work-from-home setup. With as little physical contact as possible, these establishments have resorted to digital marketing especially now when physical stores have been shut down. This way, clients will still be able to connect with businesses and avail services even with the lack of physical stores.

Moreover, a COVID-19 productivity study observed that device usage has increased a whopping 16% or an additional 56 minutes on an average day in the United States. This causes no surprise for why digital economics is on the rise. With the evolution of online marketing, however, how will it help grow your business in 2021?

Customers are more likely to be reliant on e-commerce in 2021 and in the near future. Businesses must consider that the buying patterns of customers have changed during the health crisis. People have been communicating with businesses through various forms of social media as well.

According to Gary Viray in his article for HubSpot, businesses must redefine the way they conduct businesses to genuinely embody being customer-forward especially if they plan to attract first-time buyers. Things to consider to truly help your business are to

  • Efficiently distribute your company services through various forms of digital channels and devices
  • Monitor and analyze the different routes upon a customer’s buying journey
  • Identify the opportunities to effectively persuade a customer’s buying options

Businesses must expect further reliance on automated marketing strategies. Marketing automation, once done efficiently, will help garner and nurture leads with only the best experiences which will then turn them into satisfied clients. Moreover, it ensures that overall customer experience, messaging delivery, and more-customer prioritization have improved for the better.

Through this enhancement of marketing automation, digital marketing can take your business to a whole new level. It can even gain the loyalty of your existing customers due to their good experience.

This type of marketing has been popular for many years, but, the use of macro-influencers does not result in much. This is because these “macro-influencers” such as celebrities and influencers with millions and millions of following ask for a fee of $10,000 and above for each post, sound ridiculous? – Absolutely not.

Contrary to popular belief, their engagement rates are subpar compared to those with smaller followings. As such, micro-influencers have proven to be more efficient for this type of marketing. Moreover, these smaller influencers have more of a “cult” following, resulting in a higher engagement rate. They also have a particular market niche which can make it easier for businesses to attract their targeted audience who are more likely to be interested in their products or services.

The use of micro-influencer marketing will prove to be essential in a company’s digital marketing in 2021. Due to this, it is smart to start searching for influencers with a specific following who you may want to promote your products.

The popularity of social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok makes way for videos to become popular as a marketing strategy. According to eMarketer, an amount of $14.89 billion in 2021 will be experienced with video advertisements. As a matter of fact, one-third of potential buyers will buy a product after viewing a video advertisement. This just proves that video ads affect customer decisions. Besides, social media giants such as Instagram and Facebook have now improved their platforms to make way for videos.

Did you know that 76% of adults throughout the US, UK, and Australia bought an item after watching a video? Video advertisements especially can affect customers whose interests are toys and makeup. This is because videos help highlight the benefits and features of products better. However, many companies still fail to use this strategy in their marketing due to its initial cost. Despite the initial expense, its benefits surpass the cost.

Half the world’s population utilizes various forms of voice search, so it is only expected for the numbers to grow in 2021. The usage of voice search contributes to the fact that most people are busy and on-the-go. Also, it is easy and very convenient to use. This is why voice search must be part of a company’s on-page SEO checklist to spearhead the rise of voice searching.

The use of AI has seen an increase in the past few years. This is because it helps eliminate the repetitive pattern of marketing strategies and makes it possible for teams to focus on more important tasks. Moreover, its main purpose is to maximize, improve communication, and analyze a client’s data, and monitor sales.

One form of AI that is expected to grow by 2021 is through automated chatbots. You can enhance your company’s customer service with personalized and instantaneous AI chatbots. They are available around the clock, which its human counterpart cannot do, and people cannot even tell the difference!

In fact, AI chatbots are expected to become the new standard for digital marketing despite the hefty initial cost. However, you won’t have to worry about their salary in the long run.

Synchronization for multiple platforms is also accessible with automated chatbots. Traditional customer service may cause frustration among your customers due to many factors such as responding to many customers all at once. A frustrated customer may search for other companies as well.

But with automated chatbots, you won’t have such a problem. Digital marketing for 2021 seems to be looking up for businesses. The internet is always evolving, and it is only sensible for your business to grow as well.

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