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How has digital marketing evolved?

How has digital marketing evolved-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

Unlike what most people believe, digital marketing has not been around for a decade or so but rather for over 30 years. Of course, it was not as popular or relevant as it is nowadays, but this does not erase the traces that come from several years ago. Besides, what makes you think the old technology—but technology at the end of the day—did not come with the idea of digital marketing already?

If we have to point out a difference between the marketing before and now, that would definitely be the reach it has. And here is where the evolution of digital marketing more notable and evident: due to the people and customers businesses are able to reach today.

In the beginning, it was aiming for a very specific audience and a number of people. Therefore, it was quite similar to traditional marketing itself, which s more local and specific when it comes to location. What we have told you so far can be vague due to not specific dates or times where all this happened.

So, for you to have a better idea and picture of how digital marketing has evolved, let’s start from the beginning.

When did digital marketing start? 

Since the creation and use of the very first technology for people all over the world. Television and radio were already popular a few years ago when it came to promoting companies and services. And they still are.

It is true that was not always the case since television was limited for a specific number of people who could afford to buy it. And let’s not forget about the lack of channels and information distributed using this option. But when it started to rise and people decided that having a TV was important for their routines, digital marketing was starting to be more than just an optional method to the traditional one.

Besides television, the Internet and the invention of the telephone were certainly revolutionary at the moment of boosting this element in the market. People still were more exposed to traditional marketing since they spent most of their time outdoors—either working, enjoying activities, or going for a walk. Therefore, digital marketing was not as effective as it is right now in 2020, but it was a good step to connect with people at home and in very specific places—such as work or stores.

As you can see, it has a lot of history that is relevant for you to know if you want to be part of this world and implement it for your business. Besides, understanding digital marketing can be ten times easier when you study the background and compare it to the actual situation. In a few words, we are happy you are here searching and trying to understand how it has evolved during all these years.

When was the most notable change—for good—in digital marketing? 

The Internet and computers were definitely what started the new era of digital marketing. Just think about it. Television was revolutionary due to, you know, having an image in a box that was either recorded or live for people to enjoy at home. But it had limits when it comes to the amount of content and information that could be shared with the audience and customers. And even if you had an ad—as a business—on the TV, only certain people from a country or city were going to be able to watch it.

You make it simple, the same “problem” was alive at that moment: the limits when it came to reaching the audience and the number of customers. Besides, digital marketing is so relevant nowadays for a very reason in particular: the opportunity of targeting an audience for your business. This is possible with TV and radio, but when the Internet and computers came out and started to be something people could not dispose of during working days or even in their free time, it took the biggest turn on its life. After all, everyone started to spend more time on the Internet, and sharing information and ideas online was more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone.

At first, computers were quite limited to only specific public and customers. But right after the first commercially personal computers came out, things turned completely different for companies and businesses when it comes to digital marketing. And it has been for something good—fortunately. So, if you want a short evolution that is explained without having to go through decades of history, we will make it simple in a step by step:

  1. The creation of television and how many people listened to the radio.
  2. The invention of the telephone and the rise of the television.
  3. Then, the Internet and computers started to be part of businesses, working areas, and personal environments.

In all this, you have to consider the evolution of the technology overall. Television, telephones, and computers—among other devices and media—, are not the same as before. For example, with your phone, you could only receive calls or texts, and make or send them. But with time, this has changed to the point where we can have access to the Internet everywhere we are as long as we have a smartphone or device with a connection in our hands or pockets.

And let’s not ignore the fact that the Internet has also grown due to all the users, changes, additions, and situations it has gone through. This is why we like to resume the evolution of digital marketing in a phrase that might be ambiguous but clear at the same time: it has evolved just as much as technology has done it. It started with a small group of people and as a simple option for businesses and society.

But nowadays it is almost everything for us in order to work, start our day, and do everything on a daily basis.  If we focus the idea into digital marketing, it has turned crucial and mandatory for businesses in order to sell their products and services just as much as it is for customers to make their lives easier and access what they want and need.

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