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How is Digital Marketing Different Than Traditional Marketing in 2020?

How is Digital Marketing Different Than Traditional Marketing in 2020

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is important particularly to small businesses that want to stretch their budget to marketing methods that will provide them the most benefits. Hence, the decision to choose between digital marketing and traditional marketing is already a challenging task. Factors such as deciding what method would be the bigger bang for the buck and what marketing method would best achieve the goals of the organization are just a few aspects that are taken into consideration by business entities.

Marketing has changed drastically because it has been keeping up with the changes in technology which also drastically changed in such a short time. Therefore, new platforms, strategies, tools, techniques, and channels have appeared and developed which shaped the marketing industry. Moreover, the change in technology brought about a change in the demands of audiences and potential customers. This is because technology-driven marketing strategies paved the way to attract and engage customers in new ways that pushed the marketing industry forward.

The change in marketing strategies brought about by technology did not really make traditional marketing techniques obsolete. In fact, digital marketing just added to the methods in which marketing experts may employ depending on the particular objective of an organization.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing method that employs the use of advertisements and marketing strategies on the internet. Basically, it is a marketing technique that promotes a company’s products and services using online channels, platforms, and tools.

All aspects of the advertisement and marketing strategy are done through the internet such as communicating with the targeted audience. Here are a few examples of popular digital marketing methods being utilized on the internet:

  • Online Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inbound Digital Marketing
  • Outbound Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is more focused on providing personalized experiences to its targeted audience. It also employs effective tactics to attract its targeted audience and convert them into actual paying customers. This is opposite to traditional marketing techniques which place advertisements in a general audience with varying interests.

Thus, efficiency and effectiveness are the keys to digital marketing. The overarching goal of this marketing technique is to place ads, relevant content, and marketing channels that are personalized and tailored to attract audiences that have an inclination into buying their products and services. Another difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that the latter employs effective automaton and intelligence strategies on almost all available marketing channels and methods. It has the ability to gather multitudes of data and analyze them which improves the overall digital marketing strategy.

Improving digital marketing strategy is an essential factor in winning customers. This is because a company can adjust its marketing campaign on a real-time basis to better embrace and adapt to the demands of the market. The opportunities provided by online data analysis is what makes traditional and digital marketing so different.

What is Traditional Marketing?

In its most basic sense, traditional marketing is any method of marketing that does not incorporate the methods employed by digital marketing. These are channels and tools that were already used before the birth of digital marketing.

Traditional marketing methods can be categorized into three aspects which are: customer relationship, leads prospecting, and general ads. These aspects employ the use of popular traditional marketing methods which are:

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Direct mail
  • Paper media
  • Outdoor ads
  • Broadcasting ads
  • Telemarketing
  • Brand activation

In a traditional marketing setup, the overarching goal is to reach the biggest general audience and to attract them by numbers. Thus, the bigger the audience that will see the ad, the higher the potential of gaining customers. However, this type of marketing strategy may not always bring about the best results for such goals. This is because the advertisement is placed in such a general audience that has varying interests that may or may not be interested in the products and services being advertised.

However, if the goal of the organization for a traditional marketing strategy is to create brand awareness at a particular place, then this will achieve that goal. This is because traditional marketing can easily reach the targeted local audience.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies differ in the methods used to attract audiences. A traditional marketing strategy often employs techniques to reach out to their leads while a digital marketing strategy employs techniques that let them invite leads to their company. What do we mean by this?

In a traditional marketing setup, the key to converting audiences to actual paying customers is to ensure that the advertising and marketing placement put out in the community initiates ways to capture the attention of the general audience. Thus, to reach out to its general audiences, it is necessary that the advertisement should leave a mark and impact. In a digital marketing setup, it emphasizes the use of intuitive and meaningful content that would attract targeted audiences and make them part of the brand’s life.

As mentioned above, digital marketing is tailored to target specific clientele. If you run a computer repair company, you would want your leads to be people who require your service, right?

That’s who digital marketing can help you. Your business will be placed in front of the right people, at the right time. In digital marketing, advertisements are more tailored to the needs and demands of the targeted market. This makes it more efficient because attracting the interests of the targeted market which is the market that has the highest inclination of buying the products and services means a higher conversion rate.

With traditional marketing, you’ll be tied up to work with newspaper companies, magazines, you’ll be handing out flyers, and the like. But if you utilize digital marketing, you have unlimited options on how you can promote your business. You can have a website, a social media platform account, you can create leads from forms and surveys, and the like.

When the cost of digital marketing and traditional marketing becomes equal, the main difference between the two that a company should choose between is optimization.

Digital marketing is effective especially in optimizing the target market. Who would see your ads? What type of behavior would your target market have?

Digital marketing employs the use of channels that provide data analytics which focuses the investment of marketing into channels that would provide them the most benefits while traditional marketing is most effective when a particular company would like to spread brand awareness in a specific locality.

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