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Is digital marketing the future?

Is digital marketing the future-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

If someone wondered about this two decades ago, we doubt anyone would have replied “yes” without hesitating. But times change and digital marketing has proven to be more than just a tool in this field and any business’s growth and improvement. Instead, it became something that cannot be replaced for anything else, and all companies are aware of this nowadays. However, when you think about both sides of marketing—traditional and digital—, it is normal to still have doubts about the second one although it is quite necessary. Besides, digital marketing still needs to evolve and has not reached a peak where people just go around it and nothing else. And we doubt the last part will ever happen in a matter where it will be the only marketing method for businesses.

But when it comes to evolving and being the future overall, we are certain of it. That being said, we are also certain that it is the future of businesses and anything related to advertisements and promotions. A few years ago, no one would have thought that most of us would spend several hours a day on our cellphones or on the Internet overall, which is the main reason why digital marketing is at the top right now. And even when some people bet on the idea of society spending less time using technology and the Internet, the truth is that it has been quite the opposite. Therefore, if you know about digital marketing so far or, at least, the concept and basics about it, you can understand why it is quite relevant in the present.

To put it in simpler words, we live in an advanced society where technology is always improving and occupying most of our interests and time. Let’s be honest, most people want the new smartphone on the market and be online either reading, watching videos, or doing something to entertain themselves. In some cases, while working and taking care of their responsibilities. But can’t this change in the future? We do not think so and here is why.

Digital marketing will gain more relevance each day

If we think about why it will not be less relevant but rather the opposite, it is most likely due to the use of social media even when other factors influence this statement. You see, social media started as something not many people used at the beginning. After all, not all of us had a computer or smartphone by them; even the Internet connection was not that necessary for most people.

But when this started to change to the point where the number of people without even a small device and some Internet connection is almost zero, social media became everyone’s favorite place. And since it is not something that gives only an option but rather several ones, businesses can use all of them or very specific media to connect with the audience and promote services and products. Having reached this point, we can also say something without a doubt: people can’t do anything without social media either in a personal or business matter. And if we have to go over all the social media options you and everyone have available, we would take an entire day.

However, it is crucial to mention two of the most influential ones in order to understand why more than falling behind, digital marketing is climbing at the fastest pace ever seen.

– Instagram: when choosing a visual and attractive social media that has been going strong in digital marketing for businesses, this one is for sure the top of the list. After all, people even launch their own brands and start online businesses that are only promoted by using online marketing. It sounds pretty much like most companies and businesses nowadays, right? But you can also find all companies—at least, those that worry and understand the importance of having social media presence—on Instagram that uses the option the platform gives them to promote themselves. And implement their own strategies to boost the services and products for people to access them.

To link this to the digital marketing being the future, well, Instagram has gotten millions of users that not only have personal accounts but also take the time for the marketing and their businesses. And compared to 2019, the users have increased greatly. Especially now with all the business options it has integrated and improved.

– Facebook: most people believe that it is dying and everyone is spending time on other social platforms. It may be true but until a certain point. After all, Facebook still has an amazing reach when it comes to marketing and people accessing products and services. The platform has also had many options for businesses since the very beginning, and the posts are quite shared among users even when they are not directly connected to the platform or surfing it.

If you are a small business that does not have a huge budget to spend or invest in other social media or traditional marketing, Facebook is for sure the best option even after you start gaining revenue.

Digital marketing involves more than social media

After saying all that, we need to point out the importance of remembering that social media is what boosted most of the future of digital marketing. But many other elements, aspects, and platforms influenced by the final results and where it is going nowadays. Building websites, blogs, sites for advertisement, using search engines properly, and every single thing you can find on the Internet is what makes it be everything in the future. And things will just get better from now on when it comes to digital technologies.

So, what can we conclude from all this? That digital marketing is not going anywhere but rather will dominate the entire marketing field sooner than later. All this due to the use of the Internet and how it has simplified and made easier the task of connecting with people and therefore, reach out to not only an audience but the targeted one for the business. Having a look at the statistics and data of not only companies but an entire country as well can help to understand how it has boosted the business world.

A good place to start is by analyzing the e-commerce industry in the United States and how it has evolved over the years. And to give you an idea of the estimations and how everyone is gaining from it, here is a random but important fact: India’s e-commerce industry is estimated to cross over the US $150 billion in two or three more years. This industry, and how digital marketing has helped other areas and fields has only made them have promising estimates that only include high sums of money and of course, success. Therefore, whenever someone asks you this or you start doubting again about the future, just think about the digital technology, how connected people are nowadays, and how every platform on the Internet has made digital marketing the best tool in the present and the future.

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