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What Are the Differences Between Internet Marketing and Cold Calling?

What Are the Differences Between Internet Marketing and Cold Calling

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is an old method of marketing campaign whereby salespeople use to blindly search for prospects in hopes of making an immediate sale. The methods of doing cold calling involve doing things such as knocking on someone else’s door or calling them by looking up in the phonebook to make them actual customers of a particular company. The person doing cold calling often has only one chance of making a successful sale when calling prospects or knocking on their doors.  That is how marketing campaigns used to be. Salespeople basically spend a lot of their time trying to call prospects to encourage a sale.

The process of cold calling often involves calling numerous people in order to convert them to consumers. A call is needed in high volumes because the percentage of actually converting them into customers is very low. According to researchers, the conversion rate is almost always a single-digit percentage, which means that there are as low as one to ten conversions on a total of a hundred calls. You are even considered lucky when you surpass the 5-digit mark out of a hundred.

Cold calling also leads to terror on both the salesperson as well as the prospect. Both people hate cold calling because of its intrusive nature. On the part of the salesperson, there is a feeling of terror because no one would like to interrupt people for a call or visit that prospects did not even ask for on their personal and professional time. Another thing is rejection; rejection that can lead to time wasted.

For the customers, however, the intrusive and annoying nature of cold calls may lead to feelings of anxiety. No one likes to be called without prior notice and it is often that cold calling does this element of surprise.

What is Internet Marketing?

The key difference between internet marketing and cold calling is that the former takes on techniques and strategies that would not waste the time of the targeted audience’s precious time.  The maxim of cold calling where they should always be closing deals is not any more effective when it comes to internet marketing strategies. This is because internet marketing capitalizes on creating value for customers and audiences that will lead them to support the company’s brand.

There are already a lot of effective marketing substitutes that add to any marketing expert’s arsenal other than the cold calling strategy. Internet marketing is one of the most prominent and effective marketing strategies in the 21st century that focuses on attracting leads and converting them into customers. The influence of internet marketing effectively replaces the inefficiency that comes with cold calling.  This is a tool that wants to connect to its target market through the utilization of techniques that resonates with the interest of audiences.

This is, of course, the opposite of cold calling where there is a larger inclination that leads to suspicion rather than the building of trust. It’s also more natural to connect with strangers using internet platforms such as social media and other websites than the practice of cold calling. It is no longer effective to do a hard sell on the onset. In fact, marketing experts often rely on the use of new methods to generate more leads. Hence, cold calling may no longer be valid because of the way people connect in the online world.

Why Do People Prefer Internet Marketing Than Cold Calling?

  • Cold calling had already declined due to the widespread influence of internet marketing. Thus, people no longer expect cold calls from salespeople which leads to ignoring such calls.
  • The practice of providing prior notice before calling is known among many. Thus, cold calls may be left ignored because of its element of surprise.
  • People are no longer comfortable in answering calls from numbers that they do not recognize. If you are an unknown contact, then there is really no reason to answer the call.
  • Cold calling provides no incentive for prospects because people find it intrusive and annoying.
  • Customers nowadays have a lot of freedom in choosing products. Thus, no consumer would like to be compelled in purchasing a product.

What Are the Other Differences Between Internet Marketing and Cold Calling?

You can see a big difference in the number of prospects that internet marketing and cold calling can access. In internet marketing, there is an unimaginable number of audiences that a company may reach through that come from social media platforms and other websites. There is also no limitation to access these platforms whether a company would like to penetrate a local or international market. This is not the same with cold calling because it only allows you to connect to a very specific location and population.

The virtual world is boundless. There are no territorial, geographic, and language barriers. Since almost everyone is already online in today’s society, the potential of a company to further its reach increases exponentially. There is also an option to share the content of a particular company on the internet which allows it to reach places beyond the reach of cold calling.  Thus, the internet has the fastest-growing demographic compared to all platforms!

Hence, if a company truly wants to promote their brand and sell more products to more customers, internet marketing is the way!

In cold calling, you aggressively try to do hard sales from the get-go which makes prospects harder to give their trust. The salesperson is basically asking them to trust them without first giving them the right reasons. This practice is inefficient for both parties. Unlike cold calling, internet marketing is a great platform to build trust with your prospects because there are a lot of platforms that can provide proof of a company’s credibility.

The establishment of meaningful and intuitive online content is also among the widely used arsenals of marketing experts to acquire high quality leads. The virtual world is also a place that prospects are familiar with. That familiarity makes the online world a comfort zone. Thus, prospects are likely to give their trust when they find themselves in areas where they are familiar and comfortable.

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