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What are the processes in lead generation that lead to sales conversion?

Whats are the processes in lead generation that leads to sales conversion-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

Many businesses that have gone down the path of leads generation and sales conversion are successful and are now advocating for these strategies. It has become one of the business plans that both upcoming businesses and large enterprises have in their lists to improve their businesses.

It seems that everyone is involved in lead generation and sales conversions, but what the processes that are involved to successfully convert? Is there a shortcut to achieving the same by skipping some processes and achieve the desired results? These and many more questions will be addressed in this article. If you have been asking yourself the same, then you can remain on board.

Processes of lead generation

Lead generation involves a chain of processes that end in sales. These processes are strategized to get the best out of the lead generation and sales conversion campaign. We are going to briefly define the major steps involved from step one to the last step. In list form, these include lead generation, lead nurturing, Lead Scoring, and lead conversion. Here are the detailed explanations of each.

Lead generation

This is the process of drawing the interests of potential buyers to your business. It is normally done through marketing that can take any form. You can put an advert through Google AdWords, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, or air your ads through radios, TVs, or even publish them in print media such as newspapers and magazines. The lead generation technique that you are going to use depends on the type of business that you run and the resources that you have available for the same purpose. The main aim here is to create awareness about your business and capture leads’ contact information.

Lead Nurturing

This is the process of getting to know the leads already captured better and forming a good relationship with them. It is probably the longest phase in the process but the rewards are worth the time and resources that you are going to invest.  Some people think that this process can be hurried up or even skipped altogether. We cannot dispute what they advocate for, but our advice as business consultants with many years of experience in the industry is that it is not possible to get the same result that you would when taking your time to nurture your leads. Properly nurtured leads convert easily and make the next processes much easier.

Lead Scoring

This is the process of determining the worth and market readiness of your leads. Using the appropriate data obtained in the previous steps, you can gauge your leads. We have market quality leads and sales qualified leads. Normally, sales quality leads are given the first priority when it comes to the sales conversion as they have shown more interest in the product and services than the market quality leads. Market quality leads (MQLs) are normally continued in the lead nurturing phase while sales quality leads (SQLs) are moved to the next stage, which is leads to conversion. Lead scoring helps you in not losing your leads by trying to convert those that are not ready for it.

Lead Conversion

This is the last process in the lead generation and sales conversion. In this stage, the leads generated, nurtured, and scored are finally being turned into business sales. The quality of this process depends on how the previous steps were strategized. If you need a higher rate of leads conversion, then you need to get all the previous steps right. Like a hawk, you time your prey and know when to strike without a miss. You initiate an appointment if you are sure that your leads have heard enough about your business and are ready to make purchases. Honor that appointment if granted and close the deal.

The last step that we probably did not list is the evaluation and analysis. Lead generation campaign is a project with a lifecycle just like any other business project. So, you will need to know when you have reached the end and do evaluation and analysis before repeating the cycle. This will help you in knowing areas to improve. Your staff or hired specialists should be able to account for the unexpected put come. The reasons for your success should be obvious!

Lead Conversion Best Practices 

We have compiled a few tips that we can as well call lead conversion best practices that you need to consider when doing this campaign. These will increase your chances of success, and they include the following:

Capture the right lead – This is determined by your marketing plans and the content that you are using to reach your potential customers. Use specific content and know where to find your prospects.

Take advantage of your lead scoring – It is not easy to capture leads. Lead scoring makes it possible for you to better understand your leads and treat them differently depending on their value and level of interest in your business.

Establish a good relationship with your leads – This is normally done at the lead nurturing phase, and we have already talked about it. Know when to email your leads and the content that you need to deliver to them. The way you relate with them through this phase will make them consider you when their buying time comes as they would have trusted you.

Follow up your leads – You need to do this and do it regularly. Make them feel that you care and you are ready to help them in solving their problems.

Always respond to inquiries on time – You need to always be there for your potential clients. Your leads in the nurturing process are likely to send their inquiries or even ask a general question about your business. Be ready to answer appropriately.

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