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What is a consulting business analyst?

What is a consulting business analyst-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

In the consulting industry and even in businesses in general, it is hard to identify the difference between certain experts or professionals. This is why some people consider—in this case—that anyone who provides advice and support is a business consultant. When the truth is there is more to it than just this professional.

This is the main reason that explains why questions as the main one—what is a consulting business analyst—are more frequent than they actually should. But to understand what is an expert in this area focused on or what it is in the first place, you need to have a general concept of the entire consulting field. Consultants—not only in business—are those who provide advice, guidance, and help the client to solve problems and make decisions based on their knowledge and depending on the needs of the person.

In simpler words, you have a professional that can help you to determine what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results. When it comes to one focused on business, it is all about the help he or she can provide to identify the problems that affect the company and find solutions for them.

The plans for your growth and to improve operations of your business can also be handled for a business consultant. But, moving now onto the main topic, a business consulting analyst is not the same? It is very similar since this expert does help to solve problems and assists the company in overcoming certain situations that are making it struggle. But the difference between a consultant in general and an analyst is that the first one is a more generic professional—and not in a bad way. While a business consultant can help you with different areas or departments and activities in a company, the business consulting analyst is more about a specific one. To have a better idea of what we are talking about, let’s see what this expert does—in detail—for a business.

Main responsibilities and duties of a business consulting analyst

This professional is always available to help companies and business owners to determine the problems but only in a specific area. In simpler words, if you are having a problem or need some support in the finance area of your business, the analyst will come and handle the entire situation by providing useful advice, solutions, and develop plans for it. And this is the same for any other area of the business: technology, marketing, branding, accounting, and many others. Therefore, he or she will have specific skills and experience in the area you need help with only.

But unlike what most people believe, the responsibilities that come with this profession are quite many. After all, it is not only about solving problems—which is already a lot of work—but also about being able to boost the company and come with ideas and plans that will boost the focused area now and in the future. This means the list of responsibilities is longer than it seems:

  • Needs to handle the analysis of the area.
  • Create detailed plans and business strategies to improve the operations.
  • Outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business.
  • Budgeting and forecasting are also part of his or her duties.
  • Planning comes with the need of monitoring the actions and operations in the specific area to guarantee positive results according to the plan that was created and is being implemented.

Why would you need a business consulting analyst and not a business consultant? 

This is the question we are asked the most, and we understand why. A business consultant has a large list of skills and wide knowledge about almost every area of a company. After all, he or she needs to provide advice and assist the business according to its needs and goals. However, having so much knowledge makes the professional a generalist, which means the expert can help with everything in the business but not in a deep way. Unless he or she decided to focus the rest of the training and services in an area in specific. But doing this is what usually turns business consultants into analysts instead.

Business consulting analysts are more specialized in an area and this could seem like a limitation for most companies when they are looking for a professional. But it is quite the opposite. Since the analyst has employed all his or her time in learning and obtaining specific skills for an area in business, the knowledge is much deeper and wider compared to the one that a business consultant has. This allows businesses to address the problems and situations in the specific areas much better and with someone that will only focus on not only dealing with the current ones but also make sure nothing similar happens in the future.

So, which one should you employ for your needs? This will depend on what you determine at the end of the day after analyzing the needs of the company. Do you need someone that can support and advise you in different areas? Or, are you trying to find an expert that can handle an entire department alone and provide great results thanks to how focused he or she is in the area? You are the only one that can answer this. But to give you some help in the decision making, we suggest you hire a business consulting analyst when you know the issues or situation in an area is critical and should be handled for someone well trained and experienced on it.

In some cases, business owners decide to assign a current business consultant to the task of dealing with an area only. If you do the same and decide that he or she will handle this alone as the job position, you will have an analyst without noticing sooner than later. After all, the expert will have to focus on the problems and responsibilities of this area only, forcing him or her to acquire all the knowledge and the missing skills.

Are you interested in hiring one or knowing more about how this analyst can help your business? We at NXT LVL ROI Business Consulting Services have the best business consulting analyst for your company. Just let us know the area you need help with and we will provide the best one for you. If you need advice or some orientation in order to determine if you need it or not, we are here for it as well.

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