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Why Is Digital Marketing Important Today

Why Is Digital Marketing Important Today

Before the internet took our lives by storm, digital marketing is another non-traditional way of promoting and advertising our products and services. It was a scary concept to commit to especially with how unpredictable the internet is.

However, in today’s time, we turn to the internet for every question and problem before we escalate to more professional sources – provided by the internet as well. As marketing professionals study the effect the digital world has on us, they gambled their chances with online marketing. Within only a few years, digital marketing has bled into the aspects of a successful business. So how and why is digital marketing important today?

Because the internet has integrated so much into our lives, people depend on it with the existence of businesses that can cater to their wants and needs. Having no kind of presence through the internet – may this be through social media, emails, reviews, search engines, etc. – will make it hard for your target audience to know that you exist.

Needless to say, having an online platform is inseparable now from having a successful business. This way, customers can connect with you and check out the latest releases of your products and services.

Did you know that the average internet user uses a minimum of social media accounts in 2019? Moreover, 97% of adults under the age of 65 from the United States use social media at least once a month, but the majority of internet users are on social media each day. Because of this, social media is strongly favored by clients to connect and browse through businesses even if there is an estimation of 89% of customers’ messages being disregarded by companies. 30% of social media users refer to specific brand names when telling people about their milestones in life.

One of the top 10 reasons why people are on social media is to purchase products that have been promoted to them. They also exhaust 37% of their time on social media by interacting and browsing through branded content. Even more than that, 57% of millennials stated that advertisements from social media are being catered towards their personal needs and wants. 48% of users have said that the most recent item they bought was a result of a Facebook advertisement.

The usage of social media, however, has its own challenges of ups and downs. To exhaust the use of social media in marketing, you will need a social media marketing strategy. But once done correctly, you will have no difficulties attracting customers to your business.

Digital marketing gives hope for smaller businesses to be on par with larger corporations because it allows your businesses to reach a wider audience but on a smaller budget. Once digital marketing has been managed efficiently, businesses will be able to give more focus on where and how they will spend their money that will warrant immediate results.

When advertising or promoting products, you connect with your desired audience. Advertisements reach millions of people, but with digital marketing, you can specifically target large demographics into specific groups that will most likely purchase your products. At this level of marketing, you will be able to develop ads relevant to the interests of your clients and thereby gives you the capability to affect their buying decisions.

With digital marketing, you can also control people’s search results through a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Moreover, you can also use pay-per-click advertisements which enables you to place higher in search results. Social Media Advertising is another way to help you specify your target audience. You can also use the data you have gathered from your consumers to send relevant advertisements their way. One example is Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads, you can specify and filter your audience with their internet behavior, interest, location, and many other factors.

Through segmentation, you can specifically target individual levels of consumers. Moreover, 72% of clients favor when businesses communicate with them through emails. The reason for this is because it gives them a sense of control which makes them more comfortable to connect with you through sign-ups and to buy from your business.

When you also send them the content appropriate to their needs or wants, they are more likely to stay on your list and to purchase products from you on a repeated pattern. With segmentation, you are gathering data per email subscriber. This data is used to further specify your list regarding the traits and behaviors of your consumers through analytics. From this, you will be able to send your clients advertisements relevant to them.

Automation will let you send the content at the most appropriate time to acquire immediately and the most ideal results. The most appropriate time is defined by your data collection processes such as a certain time on a day or a certain message before sending another one. Personalization refers to the recognition you obtain from a customer on a personal level. This will let you recommend the most relevant products to your consumers because of their buying history.

Digital marketing allows you the knowledge of whether your audience has seen your advertisements; if they have had interactions with it; if they liked it; etc. You will also be able to tell the people most interested in your advertisements, the ones easiest to convert, and whatnot.

Analytics can be obtained through free analytics software like Google Analytics, but you can also avail of the use of paid analytics to provide you with more insight. Analytics can also tell you which areas of your marketing can be improved and cut expenses on advertisements that do not serve you.

Digital marketing has integrated into our lives so much that it is one of the most effective ways to bring customers to your business. This type of marketing lets you play out various ways to effectively sell your products and services through intelligent analytics to a more specific audience with the most relevant ads.

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