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Will automation affect digital marketing?

Will automation affect digital marketing-NXTLVLROI Business Consultants

If you’re in the digital marketing industry, you might wonder what impact automation might have on your potential career. True, automated technology has crept into nearly every area of our digital world and will probably continue to have an effect on some roles and jobs. But what area is it going to impact the most, and how?

Automation’s been taking over jobs for a while

With the introduction of machines in workplaces in the 1970s, the growing usage of this technology through the 1990s, and then the mainstream adoption of the internet about the year 2000, numerous shifts have already been seen in digital marketing. So with today’s self-service kiosks and chatbots showing up all over the world, there are lots of causes for workers in certain industries to question whether their present job description would still survive over the next few years. The fear is the same for digital marketers. Automation services have been expanding rapidly just like AI-based systems such as Siri, which focus on voice-recognition.

Throughout the past even at present, there has been some debate as to whether robots simply replaced employment or whether employment has only shifted in its nature. This causes current workers to switch into similar yet even more exciting roles while they shift away from monotonous work. There have been several changes in automation for marketers, shifts that don’t generally have significant job losses as part of its outcome.

So what is AI today?

Artificial Intelligence is simply the power to make choices and think. AI would allow a robot to be more like a human being and to develop all of the attributes that identify you as a white-collared worker. AI could take over all the jobs in the world if created correctly. Personally, we don’t think it’s going to happen, mainly because the economy is going to collapse because it’s going to be a stalemate in the system in which we humans survive. Over-simplifying things, people won’t earn any money, and therefore they wouldn’t invest it as a result.

AI – Issues of lead to mistrust

A lot of myths regarding the use of AI have risen and the most important one is that it would contribute to the unemployment of workers. And with technology evolving at a rapid rate, particularly over the past decade, revolutionizing industries and replacing human activity for centuries, developments in AI indicate that we live in an ever-automated environment where computers are progressively making decisions that were once made by people. In reality, it is projected that AI or robotics will take over 30 percent of US employment by the year 2030. This will impact one-fifth of the global workforce. India would have just around 9 percent of employment owing to emerging technology.

Uses of AI

In principle, digital marketing uses AI to automate tasks such as data processing, collection, and reporting. The idea is that automating those tasks does not result in layoffs, it gives people more time to focus on strategic planning and leads to more useful processes. The aim of a simultaneous presence of AI in terms of process-oriented environments is to maximize productivity and faster turnaround time.

With extra hours of a week now available, an employee is free to concentrate on the strategic thought that contributes to better success of the client campaign, engaging several innovative strategies and developing positive partnerships with peers and customers. To foster an atmosphere in which human resources, staff, and managers thrive for the good of the organization and its clients, this principle applies to all divisions.

How can digital marketing keep on growing today?

Keep armed with a great knowledge base of what’s going on around you. Being conscious of the problem can help to recommend the best solution for you. You will stay updated to save your career and make preparations for the future. A possible option might be improving your skills. Skills are often required to be improved, to save your position and provide better results. The technology you should be able to manage will still continue to pose a challenge.

All businesses are searching for highly effective digital marketing tools, earning increased profits, creating a brand image, and handling their customers more effectively. The standards are even higher today. Marketers ought to be ready for the toughest challenges. In today’s competitive era, only good performance is likely to secure your position. Yes, a machine is smart and efficient, but the computer was created by people and we can use the tools and software available to improve digital marketing campaigns. Some fear that the worst is still to come. It may be worse than just increased inflation, cutting back on manpower. AI will in the future cause certain job positions to disappear.

Will digital marketers find that their jobs have become obsolete?

We need to answer this looming question which is a dark threat to the digital marketers’ future. Although the danger does seem to be true, it also has clear counterarguments. For example, as automated marketing technologies and frameworks began to grow, demand for digital marketers increased at the same time. Even with this massive increase in marketing automation software, social media marketers and SEO specialists have faced a high demand today.

Marketing automation largely did not affect the digital marketers’ jobs in part because demands grew exponentially at a rapid pace. In fact, a number of new career positions for marketers have arisen in the last few years. It provided further work positions at the granular level. As this enormous growth in demand for digital marketing and the emergence of new marketer positions continues to flourish, marketers must continue to play the key role along with these new marketing technologies and instruments. While automation tools will eventually take over the conventional routine marketing tasks, marketers will continue to be relevant anywhere businesses need fresh ideas to move ahead. With respect to data processing and analytics, tools, and algorithms powered by AI and ML will have a much better say. Yet marketers should remain important for bringing new and customer-centric insights into marketing strategies.

Valuing marketing insights

Automation aims to add ease and efficiency to digital marketers’ jobs. Yet simplicity and productivity can have unintended effects. Unfortunately, the remainder of the problem is how important an accomplished marketer’s perspective is? Clearly a professional marketer’s ingenuity and articulation can not simply be substituted by technology. After all, the needs of the customers or businesses demand marketers.

How confident will you feel as a business owner, without a marketer’s accountability and insights? Without having someone recommending high-potential areas, or alerting you regarding the details of creating an ad copy for specific locations?

Based on our discussion above, and the opportunities and scope of marketing automation tools, the need to substitute digital marketers just doesn’t seem solid enough. In our estimation, with the roles and responsibilities evolving and expanding, marketers will always find roles alongside automation tools that complement their work.

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